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With all the persuasive websites out there advertising a helping hand with college essays, it can be difficult to trust any service. Not all sites are there to give you genuine college essay help. All offer writing in exchange for money, some are professional, and few are exceptional. Once you find your way to you will be hiring a helper to write your essays every time. Prepare to fall in love with! This site is always professional, consistently reliable, and constantly hard at work for their customers.

Does Actually Help me?

Buying an essay online means that you are asking to receive help when you need it most. Others in your school never request assistance. They usually wade through lectures and homework feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Maybe you’re feeling that way right now also. There’s no need to feel that way anymore. The best thing you can do, the decision that will yield the biggest change in your life, is to hire one of our writers to create your papers. Stop thinking to yourself, “Man, I wish someone would help me write an essay assignment.” Now you have a personal helper waiting to assist you on our site.

Our business seriously reduces your stress, giving you the essay help online you greatly desire. Gone are the stressful nights thinking of how to shape your thesis statement. Hello free time!

Who is Helping me?

The people who work with are well-educated individuals who enjoy writing. They are also people with high skills and the ability to write well while adhering to deadlines. College essay writing help comes in the form of our freelance authors who want to make some extra cash by writing extra essays. They are teachers, professors, nurses, and stay-at-home parents. These individuals have college degrees and years of experience in the fields they write in.

Why Are they Helping me?

We only hire people who understand the meaning of having a hectic schedule. They have the desire to help in any way they can. In this situation, assistance comes in the form of completing assignments on your behalf, helping you focus on things that matter more. They are also people who understand that not everyone in the world has a strong ability to write well. Some people are not gifted with the written word because their talents shine elsewhere. No judgment. Our staff just wants to help you and make some money.

Our business is helping you because we saw a growing market emerging. Observant business people like us predicted that high school and university was getting tough enough that people would seek out professionals to draft something up. We have experienced the turmoil of being assigned pointless homework in school, and we want to alleviate some of the pain. It’s our goal to provide consistently excellent work as a way to help students in need of support.

Will I Get Flagged for Plagiarism?

The answer to this is both yes and no. It’s likely that you will be flagged for plagiarism if you buy one of those pre-written essays from other sites. These are pre-made papers meant to be purchased by multiple people. That means that other students have submitted the same paper, and your professor will run your work through a plagiarism checker.

The answer is also no because buying a custom assignment ensures you won’t get caught plagiarizing. What you are doing is buying unique and original work from us. There’s no chance you will get caught for plagiarism because there is no way to prove it. It’s always a risk to submit work that isn’t your own, but it’s best to purchase our custom work and avoid the burden of worrying. At, we only provide custom papers because we understand that they are the best form of help we can give.

What Are Common Mistakes I Can Avoid?

Many newbies to this scene experience the painful lesson of choose an unprofessional or lazy company. This may deter people from using an online service again, but it shouldn’t. Here are some things to beware of when starting out:

  • An incomplete website

If the owners don’t care enough about the site to maintain it, how will they manage your assignment?

  • A site with typos and errors

Inaccurate websites indicates inaccurate outcomes.

  • Broken hyperlinks

This indicates that the site hasn’t been updated or taken care of in while. That’s a red flag to the company’s attention to detail.

  • Inconsistencies in their prices or deals

Too many bells and whistles means that they’re trying to trick you into buying a product that may not be how it’s advertised.

  • Promising too much. Paying too little

Essays that cost two or three bucks per page? No way! Don’t trust any author who is comfortable charging that small of an amount.

  • Little to no customer reviews

Companies should want to share their customer reviews because they should have nothing to hide. A company that hides this, is trying to hide a bigger problem.

  • Extremely negative customer reviews

This is an obvious one. Remember to read the reviews on multiple sites and to read them closely.

What Are Positive Things I Should See?

  • Well-established, polished, functioning, and complete website

When things look good and are well-maintained that means the owners are taking care of their business.

  • Many positive customer reviews

Happy customers means great work coming from the authors on this site.

  • Easy to navigate with little to no tricks

You want to work with companies that are honest and straightforward. The site should reflect that.

  • Believable prices that indicate professionalism

Think about how much hourly money a person with a Master’s degree might demand. Then think about that being the price you will pay. Prices should hint at legitimate workers writing with their staff.

  • Offers ONLY customized work

Don’t mess with scam sites selling pre-written essays. Work with careful and helpful sites like They only offer unique work that won’t get marked as plagiarism.

  • Established customer service

Professional sites have everything set up. Good FAQ or customer service sections are something legit sites offer.

  • Work agreements that protect you, the customer

You want to work with a company that thinks ahead about protecting the customer. When you can read a straightforward agreement that includes protecting you from a dud of an author, that’s a great sign.

When you visit, you will see that our site has every positive feature a customer could hope for. We work hard to keep you happy and successful. We want to ensure your academic endeavors go exactly as planned, and we update our site and our staff to stay up to date with the things you need.

How much Will it Cost me?

Our prices are generally between $15 and $35 per page of work. We charge on a sliding scale based on three things:

  1. How soon the paper is due
  2. How many pages the essay needs to be
  3. What level of school this assignment is for

The longer, harder, and sooner the draft needs to be completed, the more money you will pay. Still, the prices on are cheap when compared to how much happiness you’re getting in return!

Which Papers Can I Purchase?

Our site can write any paper imaginable. Here are just a few examples:

  • Scholarship applications
  • College applications
  • MBA, Master’s, medical school, law school applications
  • Admissions statements
  • Personal statements
  • Case studies in medical school
  • Lab reports
  • Personal narratives
  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Cause and effect
  • Persuasive
  • English program admission evaluation

Many people need help writing an essay, but they’re too scared or stubborn to ask. It’s the lack of admission that makes people go crazy in their classes. If they would admit that they need a helper to assist them in finishing their tasks, things would go a lot better. Buying your assignments online will save you. You can finally feel calm throughout the week and relax knowing that we are accomplishing all of your work.

We want that positive feeling of personal balance and accomplishment for everyone. When you buy a draft, you’re helping our authors make money. You are also making your professors happy by turning in quality work they’re happy to read. When you need help writing an essay, the first place you should go is

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