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Can I Really Pay Someone to Write my Paper?

You Are Not Alone

My struggles with writing started in fourth grade. My teacher, I’ll call her Mrs. Applebottom, assigned the class something called an essay. She told us that an essay was a long story with four paragraphs. My essay was about Orca Whales, a topic relevant to my aspiration of becoming a marine biologist. I submitted the paper proudly, handing it over with the confidence of a student who worked their tail off. One week later, the essay was returned with an eye-opening, mouth-gaping D- written in angry red ink at the top of the page. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. At that moment, I wished I had someone who could write that paper. I wanted to return back to the past and pay a person to complete my work on my behalf. There’s a chance that I wouldn’t feel stupid sitting in my desk. I have disliked creating essays ever since.


I’m not saying that Mrs. Applebottom’s assignment made me hate school. It definitely didn’t deter me from drafting on occasion. It made me uneasy, nervous, questioning. The result was a student who no longer felt good while writing essays. Each time my teacher announced a project involving an essay I cringed, understanding that I was about to feel horrible for the next week or two.


In my experience, there are many people who have the same negative emotions stirred up each time they have to write something. There is a huge problem in the way we consider writing. Most avoid the act all together, except for text messages and quick emails. Sitting down and drafting a piece of work containing multiple pages of work causes a horrible and lost feeling.

You Don’t Have to Feel Badly Anymore!

I wish, in the past, I understood what I understand now. I wish I had more Internet options in the past. Being a student was rough and help options were limited. There’s a chance my Mrs. Applebottom essay would have earned an A+ and I’d be some famous essay-loving author by now! Were you aware that you could pay someone to write your paper? There’s no more need to feel hopeless and helpless as you stare into the bright screen of a blank word document on your computer. Now you can pay for papers to be completed. Any level. Any purpose. Any discipline. Any length.

Very few people reading this will get paid to write a paper. That’s why you’re here! You found this story because you struggle with writing. You are here because you’re ready. You need something to change, and you want to take the first step in getting different results from your papers. All of this can happen by paying for your paper to be written at

What’s Your Issue with Writing Papers?

My story is unique to my life, but it isn’t unique in it’s message. Most of us have a memory similar to the Applebottom experience. Which teacher ruined the written word while you were growing up? Who gave you a grades assignment washed in red question marks and sad faces? In what grade did you give up trying? When did you allow yourself to start feeling stupid because you’re not good at writing essays? The best question is why did you allow anyone to make you feel that way?

I’m not a motivational speaker nor am I a therapist. I’m not here to tell you that you need to confront the ghosts from your past or that you need to make a change in your self-perception. I’m here to offer you a fast solution, an instantaneous fix that will solve the biggest part of your writing problem: sitting down to craft  something tangible and gradable. The best solution out there is paying people at to write your assignments. No more self-deprecation in front of the computer screen!

Why Should I Pay Someone to Write my Work?

Right now, you’re wondering,  “Why should I pay to do my paper?” The answer is that paying a person to write your work means that your papers will be completed by professionals. Experts at will read your assignment and craft something amazing. They will help you build relationships with the teachers, professors, and bosses who read your work. It’s a huge confidence booster as well. Now you can give your writings to people and wait for the positive feedback to roll in. That time will come, and it’s going to feel really nice!

Just do it! Pay people to write papers on your behalf. The best site I’ve found is They deliver exactly what I need every time.

Am I Being Selfish if I Do it?

You are being the opposite of selfish if you do this! If you hire a writer at, you are, first and foremost, helping yourself. You are helping the writer. Think about it like this, you’re hiring a freelancer to help them continue the career he or she chose. These authors can’t make money if they aren’t hired by people like us who need help. They became online essay writers because they understand there is a big need to help people—people who have the knowledge of what they’re doing but can’t put it in writing very well. By paying a person to draft something up, you’re helping them continue to live their lives doing something they enjoy.

What Exactly am I Paying to Get?

This company pays their authors fairly. Period. End of story. The biggest chunk of your payment goes directly to the author who crafted the written piece. You pay more money the more advanced the work becomes because those author’s are more advanced in their qualifications as well. You expect to earn more money the more you educate and train yourself. These authors are no different.

You are paying to get a trained professional’s time. The more rushed your due date is, the more expensive your paper will be. Their professional authors write many essays in a week. They work better with advanced warning and lengthy due dates. Whenever possible, give a long notice to That way you can save more money. A wonderful timeline is two weeks if you have the time.

How Can I Pay?

This is an online business, which means that everything is digital. You will find the company online. You’ll submit information about your specific task. Finally, you will get a price quote, come to an agreement, and pay online. You’re welcome to use a credit card or PayPal, depending on what you feel comfortable using as payment.

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