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    These rules of confidentiality take place in the site

    and regulate information collection and its implementation. These rules of

    confidentiality, in addition to Treaty Provisions, explain in details the usage of

    private information about our users which are provided by them. On site usage a user agrees to processing personal

    information stated in these rules.

    GATHERING CLIENT`S PRIVATE DETAILS site gathers ascertaining identity data, like email,

    name, username, phone number or address during the signing up process on

    our site of the company. as well gathers

    unidentified demographic data that is common to our customers e.g. ZIP code,

    state, and country.

    Data of client’s PC, programs, and operating system is gathered by default by

    our website. Among these data, there are IP address, domain names, time of

    the access of particular domains, and type of web browser. is using this information to gain client-oriented

    service, to reach the highest quality and to collect basics about the usage of

    the website.

    For our users, it is obligatory to provide payment detail such as Visa or

    MasterCard. This information is used in full security through payment process

    and will not be revealed. Please note that is you share any of the previously

    stated identifying or payment information, for example, credit card details or

    name, through public messages or links, in that case, the data may be used by

    third party. Our company saves the privacy of your online communication and

    doesn’t use any information or provide it to others.

    Confidence of underage children is crucial. That is why our company does not

    purposely gather and save identification data or non-identifying data on

    WriteMyEssayUrgently from visitors under 13 years old, there are no parts of

    the site oriented on the children under 13 years old. Please avoid using or

    accessing the service if you are under 13 years old. If we notice that

    information about underage child was gathered from WriteMyEssayUrgently

    and parental consent is missing, then our team deletes the data immediately.

    USAGE OF PRIVATE DATA gathers and operates private details to organize

    the performance of the website. Our team uses ascertaining identity data to

    provide information about services that are represented on the site and its

    subordinate enterprises. Our team contacts clients in a case of surveys about

    provided services and quality control and to implement new services to our

    website. does not provide the customer’s database to other

    companies or individuals. Our team provides information to only credible

    partners who collaborate with us in terms of proceeding data analysis,

    contacting customers via email or post, proceeding technical assistance, or

    preparing for deliveries. By subscribing for newsletters or other mailing, a user

    agrees to use his email for marketing in terms of the client’s personal data

    confidentiality. Affiliates who provide any kind of services are does

    not have an option to use private data if it is not included in collaboration

    process with WriteMyEssayUrgently; affiliates are to certify privacy of clients’

    data. does not share or collect information about

    religious beliefs, political affirmations, or ethnicity without customers’

    expressed consent. collects information about visitors of sites and

    pages to determine which services are the most used or demanded. Collected

    data can be used in marketing purposes within the website to clients who

    showed interest in separate services or themes.

    SHARING CLIENTS’ DATA company will share a client’s data, in undisclosed

    way, only in a case prescribed by constitution and with conviction that the

    sharing will be useful for (a) confirm the legislative order or correspond to legal

    operations which take place on or the website; (b)

    secure and safe the belongings or authority of the company; (c) case of

    urgency where protection of private safety of the community or customers of

    WriteMyEssayUrgently is needed.

    LINKS OF MEDIATORS saves the right to share links with mediator sites

    for reference and client’s information only. Mediators hold their own rules of

    confidentiality. Our company ensures users to read carefully mediators’ rules

    of confidentiality users want to link to from to find

    out how they gather, save and reveal client’s data. WriteMyEssayUrgently

    does not hold responsibility for rules of confidentiality or content on the website

    other than WriteMyEssayUrgently.

    COOKIES USAGE site can collect data of using Internet by our users

    by means of cookies. All cookies are saved on a PC by default while using a

    web browser. Cookie is represented as a file with text which can be found on

    hard disk by a server of particular page. Cookies don’t cause bugs on client’s

    computer or run any software. Cookies can be reached only by a server in the

    domain which left a cookie, and are personal to a client.

    WriteMyEssayUrgently helps clients to adjust internet surfing by using cookies. can collect other data e.g. internal session ID,

    both types of domains users’ and sites’, IP address, web browser information,

    etc. This data cannot be used for ascertaining identity; it is only used for

    tracking the users and their activity on the site. Cookies cannot be used to

    reveal any personal details.

    We use this data for implementing best customer oriented services to your

    website. Cookie can show the returning of customers to the website or to

    some of its pages. If a client signs up on WriteMyEssayUrgently website or

    personalize any of its pages, in that case, our team can gain data about

    particular activity on the website due to data stored in cookies. It makes

    client’s activity on the website easier. Users goes to the

    WriteMyEssayUrgently after being registered there and gain the data that was

    put in earlier and use personalized web pages.

    Every client may use or not use cookies. Please note that popular browsers

    are using cookies by default, but client can stop using cookies on settings. Not

    using cookies prevents clients from fully experience all advantages of

    WriteMyEssayUrgently or advantages of any other website.

    Links of affiliates or other websites located on WriteMyEssayUrgently may also

    use cookies which are not controlled by our website. The data may be used (if

    there is an option) after reaching a website by clicking on ads or by any other

    action that leads to visiting a website.

    SAVING CLIENT’S PRIVATE DETAILS has an option to share client’s private details and

    other provided information that is gathered by our website from a user and

    stored on an appropriate server. By providing private details every client

    agrees to collect, save or use these details. WriteMyEssayUrgently ensures

    clients to do the best to save personal information accurately without any

    changes, loss or adjustment and in accordance with the current rules and

    regulations. Our website collects and keep provided data on safe servers with

    secure and controlled environment with strong protection systems which

    prevent the system from any access of third parties.

    To provide the highest level of safety we are doing our best to ascertain your

    personality among which are password and user identification number before

    gaining client`s information.

    In a case a customer decided to freeze or cancel his account, the personal

    data provided through this account may be saved on server in order to be able

    to renew it anytime. This doesn’t mean that the information is saved in a

    canceled or frozen account may be sold, shared or used by third parties.

    On submitting, a feedback a client understands that it will be linked to his

    account and used in non-commercial purposes.

    Clients are free to ask a technical representative for canceling or changing a

    feedback if it may in any way harm personal account.

    Clients must acknowledge the risk that is caused by transferring data over the

    internet which is not safe and WriteMyEssayUrgently does not provide any

    guarantees that data transferred to us via the internet will be fully safe and not

    corrupted in any possible way.


    WriteMyEssayUrgently may imply any changes to these rules of confidentiality

    in order to clients’ comments or for other reason. Customers will be informed

    by published news on the website. WriteMyEssayUrgently strongly advise

    customers to check rules of confidentiality to find out about changes in data



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