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Term Papers: Unnecessary Assignments you should Stop Writing

What a Term Paper is

This type of essay is called a summative assessment. These assessments are done as a summation, or ending, to a period of learning. In this case, how much knowledge you are expected to gain after an entire term of classes. This type of writing is use to judge your personal understanding of the course content.

What a Term Paper Really is

This type of essay is an unfair and biased.  This assignment favors students who are skilled writers. Students who have a deep understanding of the course material, who fully comprehend the content of the course, can perform badly on these types of assignments. These essays are a way for your college professors to prove that they made you do lengthy homework. These papers don’t benefit you, the student. These papers benefit the teacher, showing evidence that they taught various topics throughout the semester.

Why Teachers Use Term Papers

Many educators use summative essays because they don’t have anything else in their teaching portfolio to assign. You’ve come to observe by now that a large chunk of professors are old school in their ways. Most don’t deviate from their ten-year old syllabus and professors rarely provide alternative forms of proving your understanding. When high school ended, fun ended with it. Hands on projects stopped, leading the way to dull, monotonous written assignments.


These essays are an antiquated form of assessment used by teachers who don’t comprehend what else to assign.

What You’re Being Assessed on

It’s advertised that you’re being assessed on your understanding of the course content. This isn’t true at all. Take a look at your rubric. (A rubric is that chart that displays how your teacher is scoring the assignment. If your professor doesn’t have a rubric to present to you, please approach them privately and request that he or she make one. This is common practice in education and any proper educator should use one for large assessments like this.) Rubrics look something like this:

Criteria 8-10 5-7 2-4 0-1
Thesis Perfect Great Good Bad
Content The essay was written with every paragraph supporting the thesis. No sentences were off topic at a given time. The essay was written with every paragraph supporting the thesis. Some sentences were off topic at times. The essay was written with most paragraphs supporting the thesis. Some sentences were off topic. Much of the essay failed to support the thesis. Many sentences were off topic or did not achieve author’s intent.


Looking at this example rubric, you can see that many of the points don’t really come from “understanding course content”. Most rubrics look similar to this example. Here, you’re being assessed more on your ability to follow directions than to demonstrate your mastery of the topic.

The Problem with Term Papers

These written projects take a huge chunk of time to complete. They force you to spend hours preparing, planning, pre-writing, drafting, and editing. Most of that work does not contribute to the course learning. Rather, you’re a dancing monkey for the assignment, doing whatever is assigned to you and asking no questions. They make you tired. They cause frustration. They waste your time. They stall your learning.

What Term Papers Teach You

This may sound cynical, but they teach you little to nothing new. These essays teach you how to manage your time and handle stress. They contribute to your ability to follow directions. Mostly, they force you to learn how to obey commands.

Why you Should Stop Writing Term Papers

If you have read even a fraction of the reasons above then you can see there’s a pretty strong case against writing these types of essays. Why continue to torture yourself and lose sleep over pointless written homework assignments that teach you next to nothing? Stop playing the game, and start playing your own. Write your own rulebook and use a term paper writing service. is the perfect place to start!

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What you should Expect to Pay

There are cheap term paper writing services and there are expensive ones. How much money you spend is completely up to you. Our site offers sales and discounts frequently. Sometimes we have codes for new customers, returning customers, or just because we want to say thank you.

These business are not big box stores. If a price seems unbelievably low, there might be a risky reason for that deal. Be cautious and smart about your investment. Read some reviews about that site to ensure you’re making the right decision. On, we offer fair prices for the incredibly professional service you’re getting. From the site management to our extensive staff of writers, you’re paying for excellent service and amazing quality.

Why Website Reviews are Important

Everyone is aware the Internet is like the Wild West, only a lot more lawless. The majority of websites out there are legitimate. They want to help students like you complete their tasks. Other sites are not true to their word. You might encounter a website that is notorious for missing due dates or that refuses to give refunds for poor work returned. Don’t work with these businesses because that’s a red flag for a lack of professionalism. You want to work with a professional company offering expert writers and excellent customer service.

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The Success Rate of Hiring Someone

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