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Why Hire Someone to Write my College Essay?

There are two options for how to handle writing papers:

  1. Write an okay paper yourself
  2. Pay the professionals at to write a great paper for you.


The decision you make will take your life in very different directions. One path is full of stress and loss of sleep. The other path contains rest and a lack of mental distractions. You can be honest and say, “I want someone to write my papers.” You can also lie to yourself and suffer through torture as you draft it all alone. Which would you choose?


Step 1: Get the Assignment

Oh crap! Again? Didn’t I just write one of these a few weeks ago? How much writing does this professor need me to do? I don’t want to do this. I don’t have time to do this.

Step 2: Stress About the Assignment

What am I going to do? I don’t even understand the assignment requirements when I review them. How am I supposed to draft an entire essay? I need help, but I don’t understand where to find it.


Step 3: Ignore the Due Date

I will come back to this later. I’m too stressed to deal with it now. I will be able to focus on it more later, when I feel less distracted by other things going on in my life. This doesn’t even look that hard. I bet I can finish it fast later.

Step 4: Panic when the Assignment is Due Tomorrow

Oh no! I can’t believe I forgot about this! Now I have less than 15 hours to finish this paper plus other things I’ve already committed to. Looks like I will have to work through the night again. No problem. I’ll start a pot of coffee now.

Step 5: Pull an All-Nighter to Complete the Assignment

How many hours have I been doing this? What time is it? How many hours do I have until this is due? I’m exhausted, and I think I just accidentally swallowed my eraser. What the heck is APA format?

Step 6: Finish the Work in the Nick of Time

Alright. Done. It’s not perfect, but I can give my professor something to look over. I leave now, I think I have enough time to drive to print this out before class starts.

Step 7: Submit the Assignment Knowing it’s not your Best Work

            Here you are Mrs. Teacher Lady. That’s the best I could do. You’re welcome.

Step 8: Get the Graded Assignment Back. Feel Disappointment in your Low Mark

There’s more red on this page than black. What went wrong? I rushed through it, but I didn’t think I did that poorly. Why did I even bother doing all that work if I failed the assignment? It wasn’t worth the effort.


The example above is a perfect look at how most people suffer if we are assigned a big writing project. We don’t want to do it, resulting in us putting the work aside for too long. Then we end up suffering hours before it’s due, only to feel despair when we see the low mark we received. Now look at what your life could be like if you used to get someone to write your paper for you:


Step 1: Get the Assignment

Ugh. Another one of these things? How many days do I have before the due date? Ten? Oh that’s perfect. No worries. I got this covered.

Step 2: Visit

Hey there. This is my name, assignment, required writing style, and due date. Write my paper please.

Step 3: Confirm Payment and Timing

It’s acceptable to tell, “Hey. I’m a student. I don’t have a ton of money. Will you write my paper for cheap?” You’re already prepared to pay someone to write your paper. The worst that takes place is we say we can’t do it and we request a higher price than you asked.

Step 4: Enjoy your Life for 1-14 Days

What should I do now? There’s a new movie out that I’m excited to see. The weather is great today, I think I’ll call some friends and head to the park.

Step 5: Receive an Email with your Completed Assignment

Wow. It’s finished already. That was fast I almost forgot I had an essay due soon. That was easy, and the paper is in perfect format.

Step 6: Celebrate then Sleep Well

Goodnight everyone. Sleep well, and I’ll see you in the morning for a relaxing coffee before class.

Step 7: Waltz up with Confidence as you Submit the Assignment

            Good morning Mrs. Teacher Lady. Enjoy this read, it’s awesome!

Step 8: Get the Graded Assignment Back. Pat yourself on the Back for your High Mark

            Woohooooooooo! That feels awesome! I think I just found my new favorite way to write a paper!


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Now nursing majors, philosophy students, business wizards, and biology freaks don’t need to worry about sacrificing their personal lives to draft a boring essay they don’t feel passionately about. There will be plenty of time to write reviews about something you care about, why waste your time now?

It’s simple economics really. How much is your time worth? Because buying an essay from us online means that you are buying your free time back. Your professor took away your free time when they assigned you a lengthy project to work on. Now you can get your hours back for a cheap price.

You can also view this as an opportunity to help you get the grade your knowledge deserves. Many students earn lower grades on writing assignments because they aren’t good writers. That doesn’t mean they don’t understand what’s going on in class. Until professors choose a more accurate way to assess students, plan on paying for you essays through Our site helps people achieve what the want every time.

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