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Dear Universe/higher power/goddess,

I don’t talk to you very much. That’s my mistake. I should ring you up more frequently. I hope that doesn’t hurt my chances of getting you to listen to my desperate request. I need someone to write my term paper. This semester has been super crazy at school. I haven’t had that much fun because I’ve been very bogged down from all the homework and study groups. I finally finished my exams, a tortuous week in which I lived in the study lounge in my dorm, to find out that I will have a term paper assignment to work on over the vacation. Isn’t the very definition of a holiday the fact that a person doesn’t work? I can’t. I just can’t write this essay. My brain is a semi-solid pile of mush.  Can feel the loose grey matter lurching from side to side each time I turn my head to look at something.

I will pay. I am happy to pay someone to write my term paper, but I need you to send me a competent, well-educated writer who can craft a perfect essay. I need someone to write my term paper for me, but I see no strong candidates. I would ask a friend to do it, but everyone else is scrambling with their own problems. I would usually do my term paper myself, but I am brain dead. I will lower my grade if I am the one to write something.

Again, I apologize about not communicating more. Please help me through this and I promise to do better.


Every College Student at the End of the First Term

I’m no ruler of the universe, and I’m not an Almighty power, but I can offer a great solution: hire someone from a website to write your term paper! There’s no need to complete your own papers anymore. You can pay a professional at to do all the work.

Professors are notorious. They dole out assignments at horribly busy times. It’s a strange power. It’s a sixth sense of crappiness that indicates their assigned written homework will ruin your life the most. Then. Bam! That’s the determined due date. Term papers are special though. They’re different in the way that everyone knows what time they will be assigned. Their very name suggests that you will be assigned a long written assignment at the end of the semester. Some teachers put detailed information about it in their syllabus. They paint the picture that they do this. They say that it’s a way to allow you to “get ahead” on work and to manage your time wisely during the final crunch of the term. Sadly, this is not the case.

The Real Reason Teachers put Term Papers in their Syllabi

Teachers include writing projects in their syllabus to protect themselves. If a student comes up with the excuse that they didn’t have time to finish the essay, the teacher can then respond by saying, “Well, you’ve had all semester to do it. Why did you choose to wait until the last minute?” By placing this assignment on the course syllabi, professors predict that their students won’t complete it ahead of time. Mainly because term papers cover the information taught throughout the term. Why would a person write an essay about subjects they will learn in the future with that same professor? Seems illogical to me.

Educators have a saying, “CYA”. It means, “Cover your ass”. This expression refers to the fact that a teacher must always defend and protect themselves from student complaints to administrators. If a parent or student lodges a complaint, that educator needs to have written proof that they have done their job. We have the litigious American culture that created the fear educators have of being summoned to the principal’s office.

The Real Reason Teachers Assign Semester Essays

Professors do not assign these essays because they are genuinely curious what an undergraduate thinks about the watered down issues they explained to you are. They assign them because they need to CYA. Educators must have something termed a measurement of learning. They need to have work completed by students at the beginning, middle, and end of their semester to demonstrate student learning. The idea is that students will show improvement in skill or a deeper understanding of the course content. This knowledge is supposed to be shown, proven, or demonstrated to the professor. You might remember semester projects in high school being PowerPoint presentations, portfolios, or a group project. These are forms of measuring your learning. In college, professors are a bit more traditional and serious. Now you’re expected to prove your learning by writing it down… literally.

What Teachers are Really Grading you On

Take a look at the assignment’s rubric, or grading criteria. You will notice that most sections of the grading are not dedicated to demonstrating your knowledge. Many sections are about formatting, citations, and length—none of which prove you learned anything at all. If this was a test of your understanding the course content then 100% of the essay assessment would be about the content of your paper. Instead, you are being graded on a mixture of your ability to follow directions and how capable you are of proving you understand the concepts that were taught to you.

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